1:200 USA C17 Transport Aircraft Model

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Size: 1:200
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C-17 transport aircraft (English: C-17, code name: Globemaster) is a large-scale strategic and tactical transport aircraft of American style. C-17 transport aircraft is a transport aircraft that can adapt to strategic and tactical tasks at the same time in today's world. C-17 is suitable for the strategic transportation of rapidly deploying troops to main military bases or directly transporting troops to forward bases. If necessary, the aircraft can also be competent for tactical transportation and airdrop tasks. This inherent flexibility and capability has greatly improved the U.S. military's ability to mobilize troops by air around the world.

  • Scale:1;200
  • [nose - tail]: approx 10.63 inch
  • [wingtip across]: approx 10.58 inch
  • Material: zinc alloy + ABS engineering plastics
  • Aircraft*1     
  • Base*1

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