1:200 U.S. Navy P3 Orion Fighter Model HG7860

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Le P-3 "Orion", un avion de patrouille maritime conçu et produit par Lockheed Corporation des États-Unis, a été adopté par de nombreux pays dans le monde. Son objectif principal est la patrouille maritime, la reconnaissance et la guerre anti-sous-marine.


Airline: U.S. Navy 
Aircraft: P3
Ratio: 1:200
Size: 17.8*15.2cm(1in=2.54cm)
Material: Diecast
Weight: Approx 1.8kg
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1. Using a new generation of technology, the dust-free spray paint case has no graininess.
2. The painting color is full, and the paint will not fall off for a long time.
3. The details of the fuselage and wing are made with high imitation of real machine, and the overall workmanship is exquisite.
4. For products with wheels, the wheels can be rolled and the front wheels can be steered.
5. It is suitable for furniture decoration, personal collection, aviation gifts, and is a good product for collection and gifts.

Packing List:
1*Aircraft model (Alloy)
1*Bracket (Resin)

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