1:72 American Black Hawk Uh-60 Helicopter Model

Size: 1:72
Colour: Light Grey
Sale price$137.29


Sikorsky UH-60 general purpose helicopter, named "Black Hawk" by the United States, is a four rotor, twin engine general purpose helicopter designed and produced by Sikorsky in the 1970s; Many models and versions of the UH-60 Black Hawk have been derived, such as the US Marine Corps transport helicopter Nighthawk, the US Air Force special helicopter paving hawk, and the Australian armed helicopter combat hawk.

Airline: Black Hawk
Aircraft: Uh-60
Ratio: 1:72
Size: 8.7*8.7 inch
Material: Body ABS Engineering Plastic
Weight: Approx 1.2kg

Packing List:
1*Aircraft Model

1. Using a new generation of technology, the dust-free spray paint case has no graininess.
2. The painting color is full, and the paint will not fall off for a long time.
3. The details of the fuselage and wing are made with high imitation of real machine, and the overall workmanship is exquisite.
4. For products with wheels, the wheels can be rolled and the front wheels can be steered.
5. It is suitable for furniture decoration, personal collection, aviation gifts, and is a good product for collection and gifts.

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