120CM Solid Resin Large Airplane Model Customization

Size: 120cm (47.24")
Model: A320
Airline: Prototype
Sale price$1,888.00


Focus on the production of 120cm resin airplane model.

Unusual airplane model: advanced printing technology + high-precision structural proportions
According to customer needs, we can provide design customization, body color change, and local adjustment of body structure.

The currently customizable models are:
Airbus: A320, A330, A350, A380
Boeing: B737, B747, B777, B787
(The model is 120cm, about 47.24 inches)
Material: High Quality Solid Resin
Weight: Approx 25.6kg

Packing List:
1*120cm Aircraft Model
1*Iron Bracket

Our customized aircraft models include:
• Various models of models are available.
• High-quality high-gloss display stand.
• Manufactured to your exact specifications-no effort is spared
• Any aircraft that is fully customized according to the paint scheme you choose
All other very fine details.
• It takes approximately to build a model from scratch. Delivery within 3-4 weeks. Ask for expedited delivery.

Order an amazing 120cm customized airplane model.

We will use your photo or the provided model to create a personalized aircraft model for you, which contains your painting scheme, logo, registration number and all the details that make your aircraft unique.
Each nuanced scale model is customized and precisely designed according to the specific specifications of the original aircraft.
We will create a model for you that will not only meet your expectations, but will exceed yours! Experience the difference of FDM.
(The custom model we built from the ground up will take 3-4 weeks to build. We will inform you of the specific time by email after the estimate!)

Any other questions, please tell us: alterllairplane@gmail.com

Please add the product type you need on the checkout page! We will confirm it to you via email as soon as possible!

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