Refund & Returns

Thank you for shopping at Alterll, your satisfaction is our top priority!

We offer a 30 days return, refund, exchange policy as written below:


Returns apply to any event of:

1.Wrong item(color/size), 2.damaged item.

Refunds will be returned to the same method of order payment. 

Customers are required to do the whole returning process on their own after our confirmation.


Customers are advised to contact us via email: or live chat through Facebook messenger to request a return, our customer service team will guide you on how to process a return with ease as soon as possible.


Returns must be in the state you received them, and in the original/appropriate packaging with a shipping fee at your own expense. A full refund will be received within 2 business days after returns received.

No additional fees charged other than stated above in terms of returns.



Return Address:

 Bantian Creative Park, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China 

Zip Code: 518129

Phone No:+86 18824534798      Recipient: Kevin


Exchange applies to any event of:

1.Wrong item(color/size), 2.Damaged order

You can request an exchange with shipping free of charge (shipped out in 3 business days) after returns received.


Full/partial refund applies to any event of:

1.Wrong item(color/size), 2.Damaged order, 3. Over-stated time delay 4. Lost order. 

A refund will be received within 2 business days.

A partial refund is negotiable to meet your satisfaction, or you can opt to do a return instead if you are not satisfied with our partial refund amount.


Defective/damaged order:

Please email us with a photo or a short video of the defective or damaged item. Items are not eligible for a refund/return due to size or measurement issues if the shipped item is the same variant/size as you ordered


Delayed/lost order: 

In some rare cases, your order can take longer than the stated shipping time to arrive. Although this is due to shipping conditions we do not directly control, we can offer you a full refund if your order is not delivered within 45 days since shipping.