1:130 United Airlines Boeing 777 Airplane Model

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Style: 18.50 inches without LED
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United Airlines is the oldest commercial airline in the United States. Its predecessor can be traced back to Varney Airways, which was founded by Watt Varney to provide airmail services. United Airlines is also a founding member of Star Alliance.


1. Using a new generation of technology, dust-free spray paint body without graininess.
2. The painting color is full, and the paint will not fall off for a long time.
3. The details of the fuselage and wing are made with high imitation of real machine, and the overall workmanship is exquisite.
4. It is suitable for furniture decoration, personal collection, aviation gifts, and is a good product for collection and gifts.

Airline:  United Airlines
Model: Boeing 777
Ratio: 1:130
Size: The fuselage is about 18.5 inches ( 1in=2.54cm )
Material: ABS resin
Weight: Approx 1.2kg

packing list:
1*Aircraft Model

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