Four Basic Tips for Daily Maintenance Models
1. Place

Regarding not to be placed in a high place, so as not to accidentally fall and cause losses. Do not place it in a place where children can easily reach it to avoid injury. These are small reminders to avoid accidents. The conditions of each family are different, and everyone must have their own measures.

Model avoid high temperature. Therefore, the model should not be exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, and for the same reason, do not use traditional small spotlights for long-term exposure. The temperature of the traditional small bowl-shaped spotlight is very high, and it will damage the paint surface of the model. In fact, as an ordinary model enthusiast, there is no need to specialize in a light source for museum-style displays. If you want to see the lighting effects while playing, the table lamp is enough. Of course, for collectors with large collections, economic conditions, and special display cabinets, they can consider energy-saving lamps when they want to purchase lighting effects, which have low power and relatively low temperature. At the same time, placing a small glass of water in the showcase will help alleviate the effects of dryness and static electricity.

The model is not too wet. If the humidity is too high, the lacquer is prone to oxidation reaction, black spots and even blistering. The general principle is to place the model in a ventilated and dry place. For some collectors who lack space, sometimes they need to put the model back in the original packaging and put it in a corner, etc. This requires attention, whether the place where it is placed is too humid. Putting some desiccant in the package will help. Some model products have a desiccant package in the package itself; if not, the desiccant in some food packages should also work.

In this way, aren't the two points mentioned above contradictory? Therefore, it is still necessary to analyze the decision based on the actual situation. The difference in the natural environment of the city where everyone is located is huge. For example, Beijing and Guangzhou have relatively big differences in temperature and humidity. It is good to avoid extreme situations, and you don't need to be too constrained to certain specifications.

2. Clean

Generally speaking, when wiping the model, use a dry cloth, ordinary glasses cloth is a good choice. When the model accidentally sticks to some stains and needs to be wiped with a damp cloth, occasional water seeps, it is not so terrible. After wiping off the stains, pay attention to dry the corresponding parts.

I also learned a trick from my friends before. As for whether this operation will cause damage to the model paint in the long run, it is still unknown, but the effect at the time was really good. That is, wipe stubborn stains with an eraser.

I also learned two tricks when cleaning floating dust and cleaning dust in crevices. A. Use a soft brush for dusting. The soft brush in the barber shop is a good choice. The model is harder than our face. B Blow, everyone has seen the kind of guy used by the watch repairer who will blow out from the thin sharp mouth with a pinch, I really don't know what the scientific name of that thing is. A hair dryer is fine too, pay attention to the wind, but it seems that ordinary household hair dryers only have hot air, so don't use it. By the way, I also have my own mouth, if I can control my saliva...

3. Operation

Should I wear gloves? In this regard, I think it’s okay for everyone to choose according to habit. Fingerprints are indeed unsightly, and sweat stains are indeed corrosive. But as long as you wash your hands, the operating environment is not very hot, and the playing time is not too long, you only need to wipe the place where your hands touched after playing. Ordinary white cloth gloves sometimes slip off, which is also a potential danger. As for the practice of buying medical surgical gloves, it seems a bit too real. Don't think of models as too expensive. Borrow a friend's comment on online games: we are (rewarding) playing them (online games, models), not they are playing us.

When opening models, hoods and other mechanisms, try to use the door opener. Not all models are equipped with this small tool, but one basic is enough. In fact, sometimes using business cards or other plastic sheets, the effect is also very good.

4. Maintenance

Waxing the model every once in a while and maintaining the lacquer can still make the model shiny. Special model wax and ordinary model wax are both possible. Pay attention to not too much wax every time you wax, and don't drop the wax into the gap.

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